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Take a private courses at friendly rates! Many of our membres are pioneers when it comes to teaching sailing. For a personalized service, please consult our list below. We are always on the lookout for new sailboats on different stretches of water. Do you own a sailboat on different stretch of water? Do you want to cut on your own expenses? Join us now!

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The members' sailboat are listed in alphabetical order of sailing area then in numerical order of L-O-A and finally in alphabetical order of the brand name. Click on the brand name to see more details about a sailboat in particular. The red pulse: = New listing.

Mono Hull Caribbean / San Blas - Panama Jeanneau 41'
Catamaran Caribbean / San Blas - Panama Sud Composite France 13.7 m
Mono Hull Caribbeans Guadeloupe Dufour 39'
Mono Hull Caribbeans Martinique Jeanneau 40' 4"
Mono Hull Lake Champlain CS 27'
Mono Hull Lake Champlain Bénéteau 34' 8"
Mono Hull Lake Champlain Élite 37'
Mono Hull Lake Champlain Gib Sea 37'
Mono Hull Lake Champlain O'Day 37'
Mono Hull Lake Ontario Kiwi 42'
Centerboard St-Lawrence Gulf Chatam 33'
Mono Hull St-Lawrence Gulf Jeanneau 40' 4"
Mono Hull St-Lawrence River Bénéteau 31'
Mono Hull St-Lawrence River Chatam 33'
Mono Hull St-Lawrence River Gib Sea 33' 2"

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