Destinations Mediterranean Fleet Prices
Destinations   2010


  1- Greece 
      (Fleet every week)

Fleets starts from Athena, and the Sporades.

We also organise a special fleet from KOS this year in August.

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Meet history!

Affordable Yachting is Kiriacoulis’ official Canadian representative.


Boat range from 30' to 60'. Barebaot rental is a fix price, for the boat regardless of the number of passenger. We deal with all serious charter companies locally and enjoy very good prices.

We often get rebate when you join a flotilla. All Bareboat charter included dinghy & outboard motor, linen, full tank of water, ice & fuel, security equipment, snorkelling device, end cleaning etc. You can reserve any time you want or follow our flottilla (see the CHARTER WITH SKIPPER for dates)

Please click here to get a firm quote on the boat of your choice.

Greek Islands

(The Dodecanes) From August 6th to 21st, 2010
We organise a 3 boat flottilla to start from KOS and return to KOS. We will sail both in the Dodecanese and the Cyclades.

Here are the three sailboats available. 

GibSea 51 : FULL
Bavaria 50 : 2 places available
Bavaria 46 : 6 places available

Please contact us for more details


Weekly flotilla
(the Golf Saronique & Sporades)

7 & 14 days Itinerary

Their are departure from Athena and in the Sporades. Please check this link for more information on details itinaries.

To participate to this fleet, you can either join a crew or save more and form your own.  While sailing, we will do frequent stop in various port so the crew can visit the islands as much as they desire. Our itinerary are always flexible to suit people's need and interest. Our basic itineray can be adapted to staisfy everyone (whether and navigation permitting…).


Air Flight
Their are many web site to check fo cheap flights. Here are some we use often:


Ground Transportation:

  • Local taxi from airport to base. (taxi are cheap in Greece).

Food Budget: Food aboard is a community thing. Every body should be expected to contribute between 20 to 25 Euro per sailing days. With that budget, we can purchase food for breakfast, lunch and even afford restaurant for most diner.

NOTE: The charter fee above includes One-Way fee, end cleaning of the boat, as well as the rental of the outboard engine for the dinghy. Also note, as per tradition, the skipper does not contribute to the food budget. Please keep in mind that our skippers are benevolent (they are skipping for free!)

Option : We stronlgy suggest to rent a Spinnaker for this flotilla. The cost is very affordable.


Destinations Mediterranean Fleet Prices  

To reserve, please contact Affordable Yachting or : (450) 444-6239

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